Be Inspired

An inspirational line-up of over 100 speakers providing you with insight and tangible advice on the latest industry trends and biggest career learnings.

Leading Voices In Tech

Hear directly from leading women on how they've overcome the biggest challenges in their personal and professional lives.

Speaker Q&A

Interact with leading speakers and get the answers to your most pressing questions through our dedicated Q&A's or 'Meet Our Speakers'

Accelerate Your Career

During the event gain advice on your professional development that's personal to you and your challenges.

Community Building

Make strong connections with an incredible community of women in technology.

Structured Networking

Grow your influence and participate in structured networking features designed to connect you with women who can help you achieve your career goals.

Connections That Matter

Connect with tech professionals across sectors and departments, for a unique opportunity to share and gain cross-industry learnings.

The Power of Human Interaction

Embrace face-to-face connections and join your colleagues and wider network at the event where you can strengthen relationships and learn together.

Skills Development

Futureproof your career and dedicate time to your professional learning and development at Women in Tech Boston!

The Latest Tech Insight

Gain insight into the latest technology implementation strategies and get ahead of the curve by learning directly from the experts.

Discover Your Next Career Move

Find new career opportunities from our trusted partners and meet their teams onsite.

Wokrshops & Masterclasses

Deep dive into topics to develop your tech skills and elevate your career among peers putting you ahead in the search for tech talent.

Elevate Diverse Voices

Celebrate the diversity of thought in a unique gathering of the minds and elevate voices that are less heard from to solve some of the biggest challenges facing society and business.

Drive Change

Hear fresh perspectives from our diverse speaker line up. You'll gain insight into how we can build technology and services that reflect the society of which they serve.

Find A Mentor

Tap into mentoring opportunities and meet attendees outside the scope of your influence and develop longstanding connections that go beyond the event.

Join The Movement

Join a global community of women and diverse professionals in technology working to build equity and inclusivity in technology.