Live Keynotes and Presentations

Learn what it takes to instill resilience in technology, business and career and hear from our leading speaker lineup offering fresh perspectives to the biggest challenges facing businesses and society.
Workshops (1)


Get hands-on with technical and soft skills-based workshops developed by our expert speakers, offering you practical learning opportunities to be able to apply the knowledge in your career and role.
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Product Demos

Gain access to some of the largest, most influential, and innovative tech companies as they showcase new products to the Women in Tech community. You'll gain the opportunity to quiz and question them on the tech innovations, product launch strategy, and much more!

Sister Circle

Join guided discussions at our Sister Circle sessions aimed at providing a safe space for you to share openly and find commonality with other attendees. The more open we are about our experiences, the more we're likely to find connections with others who have faced and overcome similar challenges.
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Network Reception

Meet your peers and make new connections in a relaxed environment at our Networking Reception at the end of Day 1!