Tech Resilience

At the core of establishing resilience in your tech stack is addressing your tech preparedness. Join sessions in the Tech Resilience track to hear the latest tech strategies and learn how your contemporaries have transformed their internal infrastructure and teams to reduce the risk of external threats.

Topics Include:


o Reliability Engineering

o Tech Adoption and Implementation Strategies

o Cloud Technology

o Green Tech

o Outage Planning

o System Migration


Business Resilience

Ensure business continuity throughout the great resignation and evolving shifts in customer trends. Sessions in the Business Resilience track will be complete with case studies and lessons delivered by leading women who are defining and setting the business strategy in their organization to address the most unexpected of challenges.

Topics Include:

o The Great Resignation

o Customer Experience

o New Ways of Working

o Team Development and Progression

o Data Strategies

o Talent Pipeline Leakages

o Evolving Cultures


Career Resilience

You're hired on your merits and resilience is developed once you're in the role faced with the moving goalpost of success metrics. Establish a resilient mindset through sessions in the Career Resilience track to combat the challenges that come specifically with being a woman in technology and be inspired by the women who have been there, done that and denied circumstances from keeping them reaching their full potential.

Topics Include:

o Personal resilience

o Career Pivots and Switchers

oOvercoming Failure

o Gender and Diversity Bias

o Equity and Inclusion

o Returners

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