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Stronger Together

Register with your team or your friends and enjoy 2 days of incredible content delivered through inspiring keynotes, interactive workshops and masterclasses.  

As a group not only will you collaborate, share ideas and learn new skills you’ll foster a sense of togetherness in your team to benefit your organisation and provide a renewed sense of purpose.

Take advantage of our group discounts today and join 1,000 like-minded tech professionals.


"A total success for our goals and an energizing event to go back and make positive change in my company!"

Data Scientist, ScienceLogic


Why Attend As Team?

Stronger Together

Collaborate with your colleagues, share ideas, discover best practices and work towards your team’s goals. You’ll return to your workplace with a renewed sense of purpose and focus.

Aquire New Skills

You and your team will be equipped with new skills acquired from industry experts that will help you maximize your potential.

Share Ideas

Engage in critical discussions and share ideas around the topics that matter to you and your colleagues. You’ll gain a shared understanding allowing you to improve decision making that will benefit both you and your organization.

Team Building

As many people have spent a lot of time working from home attending as a group can elevate the feeling of community, as you share the experience of a conference together.

Invest In Your Team

Attending as a group is an investment in your team’s personal and professional development. By taking advantage of our group packages you’re not only making a saving but demonstrating a commitment to your team and organization’s development.


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